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Hi Travel Buddies,

Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios Singapore re-opens today.  It is the world’s tallest duelling roller coasters, standing at almost 140 feet.

You may have noticed in today’s advertisement by Resorts World Singapore:


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Hi Travel Buddies,

After reading our previous posts, are you going to visit Universal Studios Singapore (USS) soon?  We have 10 great tips to offer you to plan ahead the day trip.

1. Start your day early, the park opens at 10am.

2. Purchase your ticket online and book ahead.  In fact, the tickets were already sold out even before the actual day we went.   So always check out the availability of the tickets before you decide on the day to visit.

3.  If you do not have the time to check out the site map online, no worries.  You can always get a copy of the Studio Guide and Stage Shows Time Schedule when you arrive.  Take a quick look to plan your route and mark the must-see attractions (see our recommendations below).  If you are not sure, you can refer to our previous posts. 🙂

4. Dressed light and casual to make yourselves comfortable and ready for the exciting and fun rides throughout the park. 😀

5. Bring a raincoat.  If you forget, you can buy a disposable one at any retail store in USS for just a dollar.  This is a must if you intend to take the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure ride.  Otherwise, your fate may be like us who end up totally drenched inside-out! 😛

6. Check out ongoing promotions and look out for any credit card discounts available at any retail and dining outlets.  Read related post: Visit to Universal Studios Singapore today

7. Before we forget and we did not mention in our previous posts, you have to put your belongings in the lockers available before you take the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride.  The lockers are free of charge at Ancient Egypt because no bags are allowed to enter.  But you have to pay a fee at other places like The Lost World.  So travel light is the way to go!

8. Make sure you put your cameras, video cameras or any electronic devices like mobile phones under wrap when you take the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure ride.  You may get really wet, so you have to protect your gadgets.

9. Choose a Friday or Saturday to visit the park and you get to view the Hollywood Spectacular fireworks at 9.30pm.

10. Our picks for the rides and attractions not to be missed:
* Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg
* Revenge of the Mummy
* Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
* WaterWorld
* Shrek 4-D Adventure
* Enchanted Airways

We look forward to the opening of Stage 28 and the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters launch next year.

With our 10 great tips, so many attractions, stage shows and exciting rides lined up for you, what are you waiting for?  Have a great fun day at USS! 😀

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    Hi Travel Buddies,

    If you read our earlier post, you know we met heavy rain and thunderstorm in our visit to Universal Studios Singapore 2 weeks ago.

    So what to do during a rainy day at Universal Studios?

    We decided to try all the indoor-stuff and went to the 6) Far Far Away.  The Shrek 4D Adventure show is the main attraction here and the show was an enjoyable one for both adults and children.  We then went on to try the Enchanted Airways, a junior roller coaster ride when the rain almost stopped.  Not bad, the ride was short but thrill enough to perk you up in a rainy day!   Going back indoors to try the Magic Potion Spirit was a fun experience, where we got on a fantastical ferris wheel in Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop.

    We passed the 7) Madagascar as the show was cancelled due to the rain.  But you can still take photos with the cutey Madagascar Characters and shop in the Penguins Mercantile store.

    There was a Monster Rock show at 2pm at Pantages Hollywood Theater, just in time for us to catch this rock-n-roll musical before the Waterworld show at 3pm.

    So we were back at the Waterworld and this time we were allowed to enter into the show stage area.  We happily sat down and wait for the show to start.  10 minutes passed and to our dismay, an announcement broadcasted that the show was cancelled again due to thunderstorms and we are asked to come back at 5pm, the last scheduled show time of the day.

    So what should we do now?  Shopping lor, Singaporeans’ favourite past time, haha.  We walked back to the Hollywood Boulevard and there are a number of retail outlets like Universal Studios Store, Star Characters, Silver Screen Collectibles and many more for you to browse and shop.  After that, we still have time to walk out to the nearby hotels like Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Hotel Michael.

    15 minutes before 5pm, we headed back to Waterworld, our last chance to catch the show for the day.  We were told that the show will start as long as there was no thunderstorm.  Now you saw the picture and you know we made it finally!  Yippee!  It was certainly the highlight of the day, a sensational water show and we witnessed death-defying stunts and awesome explosions throughout the show. Wow!

    The last ride of the day was the Canopy Flyer at The Lost World.  We missed this earlier on because the ride was suspended due to the rain.  We decided to give it a go but alas!  We queued for almost 40 minutes for a minute “Dino-proof” flying ride, supposedly to get a bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park but we guessed, the spin ended a bit too fast after the long wait! 😛

    Just beside the Canopy Flyer, we saw the Dino-Soarin ride, parents and children should love this ride.

    By the time we finished the ride, we were tired and hungry and desperately looked for another food and shelther place.  We decided to go for Goldilocks at Far Far Away.  The fried chicken coupled with the fried bun and mashed potato set was a perfect treat to end the day. 😀

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    Hi Travel Buddies,

    2 weeks ago, we were delighted to spend a day at the Universal Studios Singapore.  Having been to the Universal Studios Hollywood at Los Angeles,  we look forward to a different experience in the first and only Universal Studio Theme Park in Southeast Asia.

    We arrived at the park around 10am to make sure we have time to cover all the main attractions.

    There are basically 7 areas of attractions.

    Our first stop is to 1) New York.  The key attraction is the Steven Spielberg’s Lights, Camera, Action! Show.  Be impressed by the filmmakers incredible special effects right before our eyes!  We experienced loud noises and intense effects that produce fire, wind and water and being in the front row, we also risked getting wet!

    We followed the park map andwent on to look for the Stage 28 – a state of art sound stage for motion picture and television production.  But somehow we cannot locate the site from the map and we realised that the stage is still under construction. 😛

    Across the street is 2) Hollywood Boulevard, we met the glamorous Marilyn Monroe!  There are many merchanise stores and a few restaurants along the street, we have planned this to be our last stop for shopping! 😀

    We moved on to the 3) Sci-Fi City.  The most exciting roller coaster, Battlestar Galactica is still suspended.  So we tried the Accelerator for a whirling twirling experience.

    Next, we headed to the 4) Ancient Egypt to try out the indoor roller coaster – “Revenge of the Mummy”.  Before we reached the rollar coaster, we followed a narrow, dimmed-lighted path, with ancient egyptian characters painted on the walls and warrior mummies to create the eerie, anicient egyptian atmosphere to prepare us for a psychological thrill ride.  We were plunged into total darkness on the ride, though a pretty short one and a picture was snapped on us.  If you like your pose in the picture, you can purchase the photo memoir for S$19.

    Opposite the Revenge of the Mummy’s entrance is the “Treasure Hunter”.  We saw the waiting time displayed 15 minutes and we decided to give this a miss as we reckon is more for kids.  By now, the sky turned dark and started drizzling….

    Heading north is 5) The Lost World and we aimed to do the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure before lunch.  This is supposed to be one of the most fun ride in the park.  It is a thrilled river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats.

    While we were queuing half-way, there was an announcement that the ride may stop any time due to the weather conditions.  We prayed that the ride will not be cancelled, phew.  We were warned earlier that we will get wet but we didn’t expect that we got really really wet, inside-out!  Actually, not everyone in our raft got so wet, only the ‘lucky’ ones like us experienced a really ‘cool’ ride. 😛

    By the time we came out from the ride, the rain was pouring hard and we ran to the nearby Discovery Food Court for food and warm shelter.  As we just came out from a wet ride, we were in a pretty pathetic state, haha.

    The Waterworld show was scheduled to start at 1pm and we definitely would not want to miss this.  Due to the weather conditions, the show was cancelled and we are told to come back at 3pm for the next show.

    So what to do during a rainy day at Universal Studios?  Read on our next post and find out how we end our day. 🙂

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    Hi Travel Buddies,

    We had a chance to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) today.  Although the weather was rainy since noon, we were happy that we still managed to cover almost all the highlights in the park and we had lots of fun! 😀

    Before we get into the highlights of the day, let us tell you the key promotions that are currently running in USS:

    * For the month of November, you will receive $5 food and $5 retail shopping vouchers in USS with every purchase of theme park ticket.  We heard that this promotion has been running for quite some time already, so it is high chance that it will continue for a while….

    * If you use Mastercard to purchase 4 USS tickets, you will receive a S$25 Resorts World Sentosa Gift Voucher.  Promotion ends 31 Dec 2010.

    * If you use DBS/POSB credit card, you will enjoy 10% discount at selected F&B outlets.  You will also enjoy 6-month or 12-month interest-free installment for annual pass purchase.  Promotion ends 31 Dec 2010.

    * Smart Travellers Tips: Not holding any of the credit cards above?
    No worries.  You can apply for a life-time FREE membership with Resorts World Sentosa Singapore and you can enjoy 5% discount on all F&B and retail outlets.  Application is fast and easy.  Just go to the membership counter near the Casino and you can get your membership card almost instantly!

    * For only S$5 per entry every Friday and Saturday, you get to dine and shop in USS from 7pm to 10pm.  You can also watch the Hollywood Spectacular fireworks at 9.30pm.  You will also enjoy 15% discount at selected F&B outlets in USS when you present your ‘After Hours Entry Ticket’.

    How to go to USS?

    There are many ways to reach USS.  However, we find the cheapest and convenient ways are:

    * Board the public bus service RWS 8 outside VivoCity and Harbourfront Station bus stop, alight at the last drop-off point and walk to USS in less than 5 mins.  You only need to pay a flat fee of $2 and you do not need to pay for the return trip to VivoCity and Harbourfront.

    * Take the Sentosa Express, located at VivoCity, level 3 (Lobby L) and alight at Waterfront Station and walk to USS.  Flat fee of $3 applies.

    About Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

     The first and only Universal Studio Theme Park in Southeast Asia opened on 18 March 2010, 8.28am.  Currently, USS is still in the soft opening period because the full attractions will probably be ready next year.

    We will share more about the current attractions soon.  Stay tune. 🙂

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