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Hi Travel Buddies,

We saw the first Iceland Tour Package by Five Star Tours at NATAS Fair 2012 today – 12 Days Iceland and London This is a special one-off package with only one departure date on 17 March 2012, departing from Singapore to Iceland.  Singapore’s famous television celebrity, Bryan Wong will be accompanying this trip.  As the trip is going to be in March which is still winter season, there is a chance to view the Northern Light.

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Hi Travel Buddies,

While researching for our next self drive destination, we chanced upon Iceland – the land of fire and ice.  It is a relatively untouched, unfamiliar, faraway, desolate land in North Europe.  However, we learned that it is one of the most popular adventure seeking destination by European’s backpackers.

To many of us, we will think that Iceland must be a freezing country. Come on, it must have been named “ICE… land” for some reason.  But, the truth is only about 10% of Iceland is covered by glaciers and it has a surprisingly mild climate.  Language is not a problem since English is widely written and spoken. For example, English is widely used together with Icelandic (Iceland official language) in restaurant menu, brochures for tourist and road signs along driveway.

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