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Hi Travel Buddies,

Hong Kong Disneyland is currently having a NATAS Fair 2012 promotion!

Through authorized travel agents, you get to enjoy FREE 1-day ticket UPGRADE to 2-day ticket during NATAS 2012.

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Hi Travel Buddies,

Toy Story Land finally opens in Hong Kong Disneyland 3 days ago on November 18!

What do you expect to see at Toy Story Playland?  We expect to see your favourite characters including Woody and Jessie in Toy Story.  All the attractions and rides are also inspired by the Toy Story Movie.  Here are the Toy Story Land attractions at a glimpse:

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Hi Travel Buddies, 

Experience the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland with HSBC Credit Cards.  There is no better time then now to visit Hong Kong because of the favourable exchange rate, 1 SGD is 6.30 HKD approximately, 5% better off than the rate it was 3 months ago when we went during Chinese New Year. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel early bird special
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Hi Travel Buddies,

Check out the Hong Kong Disneyland’s Special Offers below:

  S$ per person
Package 1: Room & Breakfast, starting at HK$820* per person 136.67
Package 2: Room & Stay2Day Ticket, starting at HK$1,083* per person  
2Day 1Night at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel 114.17
Stay2Day Ticket 66.33
Package 3: Room, Breakfast & Stay2Day Ticket, starting at HK$1,218* per person  
2Day 1Night at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel 136.67
Stay2Day Ticket 66.33
Package 4: Room, Dinner & Stay2Day Ticket, starting at HK$1,323* per person  
2Day 1Night at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel 114.17
Breakfast 22.50
Dinner 17.50
Stay2Day Ticket 66.33
If you are not sure if you can finish the park in one day now, here is another choice for you! Just book one night and get a single day ticket first and decide if you need to upgrade later.
Package 5: Room, Breakfast & 1Day Ticket  
2Day 1Night at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel 136.67
One day ticket at HK$350 58.33
Guests who have purchased their Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Park tickets and made a hotel booking can upgrade their unused and unexpired tickets to Stay2Day Tickets at the Hotel Front Desks by paying the price difference.

Smart Traveller’s Tip:
Early Bird Room and Tickets Package

Book your Disney vacation in advance with our Early Bird Room and Tickets package at HK$1058! per person 176.33

Book your stay at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or Disney’s Hollywood Hotel
at least 21 days prior to your travel date and enjoy the following Early Bird Room and Tickets Package from now until December 15, 2010! Book your Disney vacation early and save!

*Check-in dates: October 1 – December 15, 2010.
All the above SGD is stated using the estimated exchange rate of 1S$ = 6HK$

The above summary can give you a good idea of what you are paying for. Interestingly, we noticed that a dinner ($17.50) actually costs less than a breakfast (S$22.50).  So you decide which is better and we hope we can help you to make a better decision on which package to choose.  With some smart planning, you can be the happiest person to have fun at the happiest place in the world! 🙂

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