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Hi Travel Buddies,

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We are just into the second week of 2012 and we have read so much about top destinations 2012 from almost every travel authority, starting from Lonely Planet, ST Life Travel and there was a travel article on recommendations on places to travel for the next 12 months on Weekend Today yesterday.

ZUJI Singapore just shared with us the top holiday destinations over the last Christmas season 2011.  We thought this travel trend maybe a good reference for all.  We are quite surprise to see Laos in the top list.  Do you know that this year is Visit Laos Year 2012Flying there is faster now with the direct flights by Lao Airlines’ new thrice weekly from Singapore to the Capital Vientiane in about 3 hours.

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Hi Travel Buddies,

Bhutan is rising up as one of the popular travel destinations in recent years for travellers in search for different and unique travel experiences.  The Bhutan royal wedding last week also attracted interest around the world and so we decided to find out more about this majestic and mystical country – the country that is well known as the happiest place in Asia, invented “Gross National Happiness Index” and deem it more important than GDP.  Bhutan is a landlocked country located in the eastern part of the Himalayas.

We saw that Bhutan tour packages do not come cheap.  Do you know why Bhutan travel packages are expensive?

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