Canon EOS, Powershot, IXUS Series – Comex Show 2011 Price List

Hi Travel Buddies,

Did you manage to grab any good deals at Comex Show 2011?  Well, the Comex Show may be over but we thought it will be useful to keep track of the price list of your dream gadgets.

Canon is our favourite brand and we have been eyeing at the DSLR EOS 60D but we have not noticed any price drop yet, the price will probably hold till the next model EOS 70D is coming, most likely next year. 😛

You may download the Canon Comex Show 2011 price list below:

* Canon EOS Series Price List – Sep 2011

* Canon PowerShot Series Price List – Sep 2011

* Canon IXUS Series Price List – Sep 2011

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