Bali Odyssey Submarine Review

Hi Travel Buddies,

Finally, we are back from Bali.  Bali is really awesome and we sure had lots of fun and more to share with you about our trip.

On our last day of Bali, we embarked on the Bali Odyssey Submarine voyage.  It was a good decision to do it on the last day as our flight home was 8pm and we had our airport transfers arranged with them two days ago.   We had originally planned to do some last minute shopping on the last day but we decided to try something different and yet we do not have to worry about leaving our luggage with the hotel concierge as the hotel check out time was supposed to be at noon and we will have a few idle hours before our night flight.

The driver picked us up at the hotel lobby at 9.30am.  Oh, we were lucky as the car was a brand new Toyota Avanza, a mini MPV, only 6 months old.  It took us 3 hours to arrive at Amuk Bay from Kuta, an hour late because of traffic jam caused by some temple ceremony procession, according to the driver.

Bali Odyssey Submarine is an Odyssey II submarine, one of the two Odyssey Submarines in the world which can dive in 70ft deep under the sea.  Odyssey I resides in Hawaii.  Odyssey was constructed using the latest advanced technology in Canada, this battery powered submarine can accomodate 36 passengers and 2 pilots.

Amuk bay (close to Padang bay) is the place for departure, we were asked to take our weights, removed our shoes, put on a life jacket, walked barefoot on the beach and hopped on a small boat to finally transferred to the submarine.

We climbed down into the submarine through a narrow stairway and wow, the interior of the submarine looks cool, we felt like we were in a spaceship, haha.

We were asked to sit on the right side, as the submarine slowly dived down, we began to see fishes, some stingray, corals, a sunken boat, crew staff jokingly named it as Titanic II and also a sunken statue, well we are not quite sure whether these sunken stuff were dumped by the operator there to create more hype?  The vision underwater was quite blurry at times until we saw the diver came by to lure the fishes near us by feeding them.  After about 20 minutes, we switched sides to continue to view the marine life as the submarine turned around.  You will not be able to switch side if the submarine is housed full which is not in our case.

45 minutes show time ended and we were transferred back in the same way to the mainland at around 1.30pm.  As soon as we stepped onto the beach, we were given refreshing towels, dried our feet and a BBQ buffet lunch was ready for us to start.  The buffet lunch was quite yummy really, we had a widespread of variety from BBQ shrimps, mussels, fish, noodles, rice, pasta, satays, fruits to desserts.

For those who would like to explore a little more at the bay, one can try the sea sports activities like banana boat.  For us, we left the place around 3pm and had a comfortable ride back and arrived at the airport before 5pm.

So how do we feel about this activity?  We felt that the variety of the fishes are not that many and the fact that you need divers to lure the fishes to get close to the submarine make it a little bit artificial.  However, it is an excellent choice for people who do not snorkel or dive, you will not get wet and you can enjoy a visual tour on the beautiful marine life in the deep ocean in a dry and cool environment.  It is also suitable for all ages and the kids are sure to love it.  So, we will still recommend this tour, considering it is like a once in a lifetime experience to get on board a submarine! 😛

Here are more fast facts about the submarine and more photos sharing.

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