Antarctica adventure trip by cruise ship

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We were scrolling around Suntec City today at the Pre-Natas Travel Sale and happened to find an interesting adventure cruise that is newly launched in Singapore. It is a 10 days Antarctica Discovery Cruise by Chan’s World Holidays, price from S$8,999.

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You have to fly from Singapore to Ushuaia (Argentina) to board the “Ocean Nova” cruise. The ice-strengthened hull cruise is perfect for such expedition.  Initially we were expecting freezing sub-zero temperature at Antarctica all year round but we learned from the tour consultant that this Antarctica cruise only sail during summer months (1°C to 14°C) for about 3 months from November to February every year.  As the cruise ship has small capacity for only 68 passengers, therefore bookings for such expedition run out very fast.

Trip highlights are:
* Sail along Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams (The Southernmost Town in the World, located on Navarino Island)
* Sail through The Drake Passage (The breaking point between the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean)
* Enjoy viewing nature (Albatrosses, Petrels, Humpback & Minke Whales) from the cruise
* View colony of Penguin by landing on South Shetland Islands by “Zodiac” boat
* Visit King George Island– Enjoy the Antarctica scenery and visit interesting places around the area, for example, Ellingshausen Station (Russian) and view Trinity Church (the only permanently staffed Eastern Orthodox Church in Antarctica)

After which, you will be transported to Punta Arenas (Chile) for your flight back to Singapore.

There are only 2 departure dates: 27 November 2012 and 12 January 2013 offered by Chan’s World Holidays.  No minimum number is required to form a tour group as this cruise is opened worldwide, so expect good chance to meet travelers from around the world.  So are we tempted to go for it?  Well, our two major considerations will be the costs of the trip and the long flight duration.  You have to probably set aside at least S$10,000 per pax and be prepared to endure about 28 hours flight and transit time to reach the destination.

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