Alaska Cruise 2011 Tips : Plan Ahead

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One colleague asked for our itinerary to Alaska and Canadian Rockies.  After looking at our 23-day itinerary, he jokingly replied that his boss will never allow him to go for such a long break.

We understand that some people may not be as fortunate as us to be able to go for such a long holiday.  However, if you plan ahead and assure that work in the office will run smooth during your absence, you will stand a good chance to convince your boss to approve your leave. 🙂

Both of us planned for our Sep 10 trip months ahead.  We started our planning in Feb/Mar and booked our flight in April, more than 5 months before our actual trip.  Going  for a free and easy long trip generally requires more advance planning and make your bookings ahead will help you to secure the arrival/departure dates you like, especially if you want to travel on public holidays or weekends.  Usually, booking ahead will also land you a good bargain than last minute bookings.

We learned that Alaska Cruises are so popular around the world nowadays that some people even book one year ahead!  Partly because there is a limited number of months the cruises can sail, between May to Sep every year.

With the continued weakening of the US dollars, Alaska is definitely a good choice destination this year!   At the current US dollar rate, we reckon that it will be at least 10% cheaper as compared to what we paid last year if you book now.  We will be sharing more about our experiences on the cruise so that you can plan ahead and take action during the NATAS fair next month! 🙂

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