ACE Travel Insurance NATAS August Promotion

Hi Travel Buddies,

If you have already purchased your vacation bookings, the first thing you have to do next is probably to get a travel insurance coverage.  Click here to read related post on why travel insurance is important.

You do not have to go down to NATAS Fair to enjoy great discounts now.  ACE Travel Insurance offers 40% off for any single plan trip purchased from 24 August to 2 September 2011 and you can get your quotation online. 🙂

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A quick glance at the highlights of the benefits and coverage below.

  • Natural disaster
  • Covers all countries
  • Full terrorism cover
  • Compassionate visit overseas (NEW)
  • Return of minor children
  • Hotel extension
  • Post journey medical expenses (IMPROVED)
  • Post journey hospital confinement benefit
  • Hospital income for intensive care unit overseas
  • Emergency phone charges ( IMPROVED)
  • Personal liability (IMPROVED)
  • Legal fees due to false arrest or wrongful detention (IMPROVED)
  • Journey cancellation and curtailment  (IMPROVED)
  • Travel postponement (NEW)
  • Replacement traveler (NEW)
  • Loss of deposit due to insolvency of travel agent (IMPROVED)
  • Travel delay (IMPROVED)
  • Flight diversion (NEW)
  • Loss of damage of personal property and baggage (IMPROVED)
  • Jewelry coverage  (NEW)
  • Baggage delay (IMPROVED)
  • Pet care (NEW)
  • Unused green fees (NEW)
  • Protection against fraudulent use of credit card (IMPROVED)
  • Flight overbooked (NEW)
  • Coverage for your home contents whilst you are away (IMPROVED)
  • Golf coverage (NEW)
  • Loss of frequent flyer points (NEW)
  • Automatic extensions
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