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About Us

Why do we name this blog as My Travel Buddies Club?

We love to DIY our trips, be it a free and easy, backpacking, a fly and drive holiday or just a short weekend getaway.

Over the past 10 years, we have visited USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Europe, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal, Japan, Egypt, Middle East and many more to come….

Friends around us know we love to travel and it is not uncommon that we will get questions like so where will be your next destination, how did you manage to do it within $X budget, where did you get this from your trip???

After getting enough of FAQs about our travelling experience, an idea struck us.  Why don’t we start our own travel club?

While statistics show that Singaporeans love to travel, not many of us consider the option to DIY our own trips.  A little inspiration deep in our hearts tells us that we should encourage more people to be a little bit more adventurous and experience the fun of DIY travel.

We hope that this club can become the common platform to gather all DIY Travel lovers and promote the beauty of DIY Travelling.

What can you get out from My Travel Buddies Club?

Besides sharing our lives and travel experiences and tips in this blog, you can also find travel deals and products that we chanced upon occasionally.  If you have an interesting travel story or product to share, we also welcome you to contact us here.  If you have a burning travel question, ask us and we will try our best to help you!

Lastly, stay tune to our blog for more travel tips and news, meanwhile, click on the photos links that we have uploaded for you from our recent trips. Enjoy! 🙂

Your travel buddies
Kelvin & Shelly
10th Oct 2010

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