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A day trip to Mt Buller


Hi Travel Buddies,

Bumper snow fall this season has attracted a high number of visitors flocked to Mt Buller and nearby ski resorts this year.

We finally got our own car and decided to set off a day trip to Mt Buller last week. Mt Buller is the most popular alpine resort in Victoria, stands 1805m above sea level, located 248kms north-east of Melbourne via Mansfield, just 3 hours drive away from Melbourne.

Mt Buller

If you are a first timer thinking of driving up to Mt Buller during winter, it may be helpful for you to read through and pick up some tips here before heading off.

  1. Download the latest Mt Buller Live Apps

We basically use this to stay in touch with the latest snow reports and weather conditions. All overnight vehicles staying in the Resort or beyond the Skating Rink car park are required to carry chains at all times. Day trippers like us will not need to carry chains if the weather conditions permit. Before we set off, we will check the Live Apps to make sure that the road condition is good for us to drive all the way up to the parking area at Mt Buller. If you need chains, you can hire them at Mansfield or Mirimbah.

You can also find heaps of other information, including events, activities, facilities and accommodaton booking in Mt Buller using the Live Apps.

  1. Fuel up

Making sure you fill up full tank before hitting the road. You will find that fuel is usually more expensive in the countryside than in the city.

  1. Getting there

The easiest way to get there is to set up your GPS or using Google Maps and set your destination to Yea, then Mansfield and Mt Buller.

At Mansfield, you can check out all the information you need about Mt Buller at the Visitors Information Centre. From there, it takes you about another 20 minutes drive before you reach the Mt Buller resort entry and you will pay A$40 per vehicle for day entry. With this day pass, you can enter into Mt Buller and Mt Stirling.

After that, it takes about 20 minutes to drive further up to the Horse Hill day car park at Mirimbah.

There are many retail and rental shops in Mansfield if you like to check out any ski/snowboard rental packages. Otherwise, you can also do it in Mirimbah.

  1. Resort Activities

Once you get off the car park, you can hop on and off the free shuttle bus that runs around the village, there are 4 routes altogether, try them all or you can take the summit road loop that take you to the south side of the ski area.

You can also hit straight to the Northside Express chairlift that will bring you all the way up the snowfields and Northside Discovery Centre. The Northside Express chairlift is the only sightseeing life and passes are available at A$16 for a return trip. Beginners on skis or board can take the 2 hour free lesson included in the adult Discover Pass at A$113. With this pass, you can gain access to 7 beginner area lifts.

If you are like us not into skiing, you can also try tobogganing and snowplay at the 2 dedicated toboggan and snowplay parks at Horse Hill Car Park and in the Village next to the Alpine Central.

If your pockets are deep enough, you can check out the scenic helicopter flights and enjoy spectacular views of Mt Buller, Mt Stirling and nearby vistas of the High Country.

There are a lot more things you can do at the resort, you can visit the cinema, hit the sports hall and gym or simply relax to take a day spa, since we are only covering for a day trip, you decide what you like to do with the limited time.

  1. What’s next?

If you have time, you can drive further up to Mt Stirling, another renowned cross-country skiing destination and a quieter option for families to enjoy snowplay and tobogganing.

For us, we headed back earlier as we planned an en-route to Steavenson Falls at Marysville before we called a day.

There should be at least another 4 weeks to end the season with such a good snowfalls this year. So it is never too late to plan a trip up the mountain and enjoy the last bit of snow. 🙂


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