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6D5N Taiwan Rejuvenating Celebrity Tour


Hi Travel Buddies,

One of my friends shared that she won a pair of air tickets by Tiger Airways to Taiwan and she’s planning a trip in December.  So lucky and so envy right! 😛

She’s has been there before and thought of wanting to go somewhere different this time.  We chanced upon this 6D5N Taiwan Rejuvenating Celebrity Tour organised by i-Weekly and Nam Ho.  The Celebrity Tour Guide is Thomas Ong and we thought the itinerary looks interesting, something different from the norm.

The highlights of the itinerary focus more on Taipei and western parts of Taiwan – Yilan, Taichung, Miaoli, Hsinchu.  At least 2 famous night markets – Fong Jia Night Market and Shihlin Night Market are included in the tour.  So, there will be lots of opportunities to try out Taiwan’s tasty dishes like Xiao Long Bao and local snacks.  Taiwan is also famous for its spa and healing hot springs, this is also part of the tour program.  On the second day, early check in to 5-star Evergreen Resort Hotel to relax in different spa pools and hotsprings and another chance on day 5 to experience 4 types of natural minerals at Jinshan, another place that is popular in hot springs.

So if you are looking forward to a food and rejuvenating tour and you like Thomas Ong, consider this tour with an interesting itinerary.

Another reason why we like Taiwan is because Taiwanese are very nice and helpful.  They are also one of the friendliest people that we experienced in our trips!  If you like free and easy and have more time to travel, you can plan a round island trip like what we did in 2007. Click here if you want to refer to our 2-weeks itinerary. 🙂

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